imp006 Cellular and WiFi Breakout Board Kit





Electric Imp’s imp006 Breakout Kit provides a full product evaluation, code development and prototyping platform for the imp006 module. The imp006 embeds impOS™, which provides a secure, maintained environment for applications, including automatic, over-the-air security updates, and power management. The kit comes with global cellular connectivity with Cat-M/2G/NB-IoT powered by Twilio’s Super SIM. It also includes 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi, BLE, and GNSS location facilities. It includes various sensors and outputs to allow experimentation without need for any hardware expertise. 

Kit Containts

  • imp006 breakout board
  • LTE Patch antenna with u.FL connector
  • Active GNSS antenna with u.FL connector
  • Mini-B USB Cable

    Product Specifications 

    imp006 Breakout Board

    • imp006 module with impOS™
    • Quectel BG96 cellular modem (Cat-M, NB-IoT, 2G plus GNSS)
    • Twilio Super SIM (Embedded MFF2) and nano SIM socket
    • Murata dual-band WiFi + BLE module
    • Temperature and humidity sensor
    • 3 axis accelerometer with wakeup support
    • RGB LED
    • MikroBUS™ Click expansion
    • Full GPIO, I2C, SPI, serial/UART breakout
    • Grove analog, digital, I2C connectors
    • On-board charger and gas gauge support Li-ion/Li-Poly rechargeable cells (not included)
    • Supports primary cell and DC input from 4-16V (not included)

        The imp006 Breakout Board measures 127 x 60 x 14 mm and is designed to fit in this IPX7 case.

        For more information on the imp006 Breakout Board, please visit the dev center.


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