impAccelerator™ Battery Powered Sensor Node




The impAccelerator™ Battery Powered Sensor Node is a complete environmental sensing package powered by the imp003 to help you quickly develop and refine data-gathering modules that are able to operate for years at a time from a pair of standard AA batteries. 

In addition to the on-board sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion, the unit also supports the addition of 1-Wire®, UART and I2C interface sensors.

Application Examples

Thanks to the Electric Imp Platform’s reliable networking and robust security — delivered through the impCloud™ and impOS™ — and the imp003 module’s ability to run fully customizable application software, the Battery Powered Sensor Node can be used to kick-start the development of a wide range of sensor applications, including:

  • Refrigeration or climate control monitoring (using built-in temperature, humidity and light sensors).
  • Food and beverage monitoring (using food-grade 1-Wire sensors).
  • Asset monitoring (using the built-in accelerometer).
  • Air quality monitoring (using 1-Wire air and gas sensors).
  • Industrial process monitoring (using built-in sensors or additional industrial 1-Wire sensors).
  • Local or remote alerting (using external sound/light/actuators).

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