impC001 Cellular Breakout Board Kit





The impC breakout kit contains everything needed for easy evaluation of the impCellular family, and includes various sensors and outputs to allow experimentation without need for any hardware expertise.
Multiple standard I/O connectors including USB, Grove, GPS and MikroBus help speed PoC implementations by allowing a wide range of off-the-shelf sensors, actuators, radios and bus interfaces to be used directly with the breakout board.
The design is open-source, allowing easy re-use of components as a base for your own impCellular products. 
Please consult this product brief for details on impCellular.

Kit Containts

  • impC breakout board
  • impC001 module
  • LTE Patch antenna with u.FL connector
  • 5V USB power supply & USB Cable

    Product Specifications 

    impC module support
    • Supports all configurations of impC001 and impC002 modules
    • StatusLED and BlinkUp phototransistor for first-time configuration
    I/O and expansion
    • Breakout of impC pins to 2x20 pin headers for easy accessibility
    • USB type A connector for use of impOS USB host functionality, with 5v boost for battery operation
    • Two grove connectors, with power gating
    • Mikrobus socket allowing access to the 450+ MikroElektronika Click boards such as LoRA radios, CAN interfaces, RS485/MODBUS-RTU, etc
    • Pixhawk compatible GPS/compass interface allowing use of off-the-shelf drone GPS modules
    On-board devices
    • 3-Axis accelerometer with ability to wake system on motion
    • Digital temperature/humidity sensor
    • APA102 RGB LED pixel, with ability to daisy-chain additional pixels

      The impC001 Breakout Board measures 127 x 60 x 14 mm.

      For more information on the impC001 Breakout Board, please visit the dev center.


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