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The impCellular asset tracker kit contains everything needed for easy evaluation of the asset tracking and sensing using the impCellular family. It includes various sensors and outputs to allow experimentation without need for any hardware expertise.
The design is open-source, allowing easy re-use of components as a base for your own impCellular products. 
Please consult this product brief for details on impCellular.

High precision GPS with integrated antenna provides fast, accurate fixes with on-board sensors configured to create low power wake-up events and additional data. Sealed IP67 housing with Bluetooth low energy scanning for easy BTLE sensor readings. Open the housing to recharge via the on-board fast charging.

Kit Contains

  • impC001 module
  • impC001 breakout board
  • UBlox M8N GPS
  • Bluetooth & WiFi daughterboard
  • IP67 Housing
  • LTE Patch antenna with u.FL connector
  • 5V 3A USB power supply
  • Mini USB cable

Requires a Li-Poly battery with 2mm JST connector. 2000mAh suits charger defaults but the required capacity is dependent on the usage case.

Product Specifications 

impC module support
  • Supports all configurations of impC001 and impC002 modules
  • Status LED and BlinkUp phototransistor for first-time configuration
I/O and expansion
  • Breakout of impC pins to 2x20 pin headers for easy accessibility
  • Mikrobus socket allowing access to the 450+ MikroElektronika Click boards such as LoRA radios, CAN interfaces, RS485/MODBUS-RTU, etc
On-board devices
  • 3-Axis accelerometer with ability to wake system on motion
  • Digital temperature/humidity sensor
  • APA102 RGB LED pixel, with ability to daisy-chain additional pixels
  • UBlox M8N GPS with back-up supply to allow quick fixes when waking from low power mode. 

    The impC001 Breakout Board measures 127 x 60 x 14 mm.

    For more information on the impC001 Breakout Board, please visit the dev center.


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