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The impFactory™ is Electric Imp’s recommended factory BlinkUp™ fixture. This off-the-shelf factory appliance allows your assembly line to instruct production devices to securely run your factory firmware and tests. It does this by sending the factory Wi-Fi credentials and a factory enrollment token to each production device’s on-board imp module optically via a LED, at which point the device will come online and run your test firmware. Part of the Connected Manufacturing suite from Electric Imp.

Application Examples

Note that it is only possible to access the factory features of the imp platform with a signed service contract.  The impFactory™ collects and feeds production data directly to business systems for real-time analytics and automated production of devices, including:

  • Printers 
  • Scanners
  • Other machines used for device testing 

Product Specifications

Each package contains:

  • 1x impFactory™
  • Shielded IR Emitter Cable with RED LED 
  • Mini USB cable

The device supports 10/100 Ethernet & dual-band WiFi for internet connectivity and features a USB host port (commonly used for a barcode scanner) and a DE9 serial port (commonly used for a label printer). It also has a footswitch input to allow a production operator to trigger the BlinkUp process in a hands-free manner.


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For more information on the impFactory™, visit our Dev Center.

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