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The imp002 breakout is now discontinued due to the EOL of the imp002 in 2015. imp002 modules continue to receive updates to impOS


The imp002 Breakout Board makes it easy to use the imp002 in projects. While the imp002 is no longer in production it continues to receive impOS updates and new application firmware can be deployed to the device.

The board, which exposes the imp's GPIO, standard bus, and power pins, requires 3.3V which can be supplied by the onboard regulator from the mini-USB connector or via the Voltage input pins. The Breakout board includes the phototransistor circuit and status LED for BlinkUp and an ID chip to identify your card on the Imp Cloud service.

Application Examples

The imp002 Breakout Board can be used for small projects, early prototyping and for evaluating the Electric Imp Platform. For designs for mass production please consider the imp003, imp004m and imp005 devices.

Product Specifications

Each package contains one imp002 Breakout Board with the imp002 soldered down to the PCB.


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