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imp004m Pre-Programed Serial Flash


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Vendor: Electric Imp



Serial preprogrammed with the impOS for the imp004m. The imp004m requires an external 8Mbit(1MByte) to 128Mbit(16MByte) SPI flash programmed with the impOS image. 
The impOS image is available for download from the Electric Imp website and uses the lower 776kBytes of the flash memory, leaving the memory above this available to user applications. Developers without the capability to load the image to a Serial flash can purchase these 64Mbit SOIC flash devices preprogrammed with the impOS image. These preprogrammed devices are intended to make prototyping quick and easy, while for production your flash supplier or manufacturer should offer programming services.  
For more details on imp004m serial flash requirements please see the imp004m hardware design guide.
Note: Pre-programmmed flash devices use the S25FL164K0XMFI013 from Cypress Semiconductor Inc.


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