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imp006 Pre-Programmed Serial Flash

imp006 Pre-Programmed Serial Flash




NOTE! Correct selection of variant is critical. If you have no WiFi module in your design, you MUST pick the imp006c image. See below for more information.


The imp006 module requires an external SPI flash chip, which must be preloaded with impOS firmware. SPI flash sizes between 64Mbit (8 MByte) and 128Mbit (16MByte) are supported. 

Developers without the capability to load the image to a Serial flash can purchase these 64Mbit SOIC8W flash devices preprogrammed with the impOS image. These pre-programmed devices are intended to make prototyping quick and easy - in production, your flash supplier or manufacturer will generally offer bulk programming services.

For bulk programming, the required SPI image is available for download from the Electric Imp website.  

The device provided here is an 64Mbit (8MByte) S25FL064LABMFI013 from Cypress Semiconductor.

Product Variants

Depending on the application users select to use ‘impification’ to convert the pre-imp to an imp006a, imp006b or imp006c. To compare the variants please examine the imp006 design guide, but as a quick summary:
006a: this is for devices with the Murata 1MW WiFi/BLE module; it also supports the option of the BG96 cellular modem.
006b: this is for devices with the Murata 1DX WiFi/BLE module; it also supports the option of the BG96 cellular modem.
006c: this is for devices with the BG96 cellular modem ONLY (no WiFi/BLE).

Product Specifications

Each package contains one imp006 Pre-Programmed Serial Flash device. The Pre-Programmed Serial Flash device is a standard JEDEC SOIC8W package - see the S25FL064LABMFI013 datasheet for exact dimensions.


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