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The impC001 provides unmatched flexibility, enabling quick, cost-effective development and deployment of robust, secure IoT applications. Delivered as a plug-in M2/NGFF format card, the impC001 is easy to integrate and allows products to evolve to newer cellular standards over time without the need for redesign. Uniquely, there is no activation– the device is ready to use out of the box. You pay only for months where the device is active, and data is automatically pooled between devices on the same account. To maximize coverage, the device automatically picks the best network available from T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon (on band 4), and supports both LTE category 1 and 3G HSPA operation. The impC001 also supports concurrent cellular, 10/100 Ethernet and WiFi connections, allowing applications to pick the best – or lowest cost – method to connect to the internet at any time. Please consult this product brief for details on impCellular.

Application Examples

The impC001 can be used with a range of reference designs available from Electric Imp. The design files for these reference designs are published open source and are intended to be used as the basis for your application circuit board. Cellular allows for portable roaming applications and connectivity from areas without wifi, or ethernet, infrastructure.

Product Specifications

Each package contains one impC001 module without antenna or host PCB and includes the impOS license. The impC001 card measures: 38.50 x 27.20 x 4.70mm. Additional information can be found in the Product Brief


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